Our History

  • Rose Valley Water Company was founded in 1958 by a west valley rancher and his family in what was called “Dove Valley”.  Soon they began providing water for neighboring ranches and homes.  Over the years, pieces of the ranch were sold off to small developers and people looking for a chance to build a home away from downtown Phoenix.  By 1991, Rose Valley Water serviced over 200 homes.  In 1997, developers began constructing over 2,100 additional homes.  Today, Rose Valley Water provides water to approximately 2,400 households in the west valley.  Rose Valley Water Company is owned by the 3rd generation family of that same west valley rancher.


  • Rose Valley Water Company acquired its name because 40 acres of the family ranch was leased to graft and grow special hybrids of roses.  Local neighbors, enjoying the beauty of the roses, nicknamed the area “Rose Valley”.

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